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This program must be opened during operation, but it does record each and every measurement taken. Leica geosystems world leader in spatial measurement. The leica disto e7100i is a versatile laser distance meter with three measuring modes. In addition to the disto settings above, verify that bluetooth is enabled on your device. Introducing blk2go the blk2go handheld imaging laser scanner recreates spaces in 3d as you move. The leica disto d2 is a 7 measurement mode ldm accurate to 116 of an inch. Can select measurements to be sent via bluetooth bluetooth smart 4. Leica geosystems accepts no liability whatsoever arising from the use selecting particular values in the of the free software and is not obliged to provide corrections nor to develop updates or upgrades. Click here to view and download the disto s910 update overview. A fullyfeatured ldm thats designed for multiple purposes, the d2 is easy to operate and builds on the d1 with more functions, higher accuracy at 1. After much tinkering, i have found that the e7100i does indeed work seemlessly with the leica disto transfer pcwindows software. Here is whats new in this software release for the s910.

Send measurements directly from the laser measure to your apps using the leica disto bluetooth smart 4. With this technology, measurement results can be wirelessly and accurately transferred to windows based pcs. We provide no warranty for free disto software and offer no support for it. Site measurement with a disto can be transferred through bluetooth into the measuring software to create floor plans. Leica geosystems manufactures several types of laser measurement devices among which are the disto distance measuring devices. With the various measurement functions you can record all spatial situations precisely and use the data afterwards in your customary software environment.

Leica disto plan for android free download and software. Leica disto sketch the disto sketch app supports the new leica disto models. Now the leica disto d330 is also available with bluetooth and becomes the disto d330i. Straight line distances, continuous measurement mode, calculates area and volume. In addition to the free leica disto sketch application we.

Smart horizontal mode thanks to the combination of distance and tilt measurements you can determine the horizontal. Leica disto d2 new 330ft laser distance measure with. The leica disto e7500i is a 14 measurement mode laser distance meter ldm that is accurate to 116th of an inch. Disto floor and measuring software leica disto laser. Offering many functions like area, volume, two and three point pythagoras, addsubtract, countdown timer, and intelligent endpiece, the disto d2 new is a powerful tool in a compact, handheld device. Leica disto d330i bluetooth and disto transfer app how to. Leica disto d2 new 330ft laser distance measure with bluetooth 4. All other bluetooth devices do not support the energy saving bluetooth smart module, which is integrated in the device. We predominantly use the most the photo side of this software both on an ipad and an android phone. Depending on the model, many of these support bluetooth which allow you to interface with a computer that also has bluetooth.

How to connect a leica disto to measure mobile measure. With 14 measurement modes, smart horizontal, bluetooth, ip65 rating, drop tested at 2 meters, and a range of 660 200m, the e7500i is a disto thats truly built for professional measuring tasks on large, active job sites that require a highperformance ldm. It now comes with bluetooth smart data transfer which links to the free measuring app. Hi, ive got a leica disto d8 which is a laser rangefinder with bluetooth capability. Before you begin close icon menu if open to do this click the red cross dialogue box with arrows, file exit, bluetooth connection is closed automatically quick start guide for leica disto a6 you are working in 90 switch off pda if required degree mode. Disto floor measuring software extend the capabilities of your disto. Using a leica disto device with chief architect software. The leica disto e7100i is a 3 measurement mode laser distance meter ldm with a 200. Leica disto with bluetooth smart usage on android 4. Leica disto e7100i laser distance meter size doesnt. Disto transfer is supported on all leica disto models with bluetooth and wifi. It features an intuitive backlit lcd display in a 4oz package that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

I understand why you might be a little skeptical if i heap praise on the impeccable quality and functionality of our tools. The leica 3d disto tm is an efficient, fast, and precise laser measuring tool that makes even the most complex measuring tasks easy to handle. Bluetooth wireless technology with a free copy of plusdraw software for use on bluetooth enabled pocket pcs and tablets. Leica disto e7100i laser distance meter bluetooth and area. I still had high hopes for leicas own app software but that was a let down too. Sketch on photo dimension objects in pictures leica disto bluetooth smart technology allows you to assign distance measurements to the appropriate. How to create a 3d cad drawing using the disto transfer plugin to transfer measured data and images from the leica disto s910 direct to pc. Leica infinity geospatial office software suite is designed to manage, process, analyse and quality check field survey data from uavs and terrestrial surveying equipment. This is a guest post from kevin rinaldiyoung, content production specialist at leica geosystems. The leica disto d1 laser distance meter with bluetooth 4. Use bluetooth to send measurements into apps running on mobile devices. Its small, weighing in at 3 14 ounces with batteries, very easy to use, and the e7100i sends measurements via bluetooth making it, by far, the least expensive bluetooth ldm available. Sketch plan create a scale drawing simply use your.

The leica disto d2 is a 7 measurement mode laser distance meter. Works with almost all windows programs, allows remote control of bluetooth leica disto laser measuring devices from computer, and control of cursor from disto. Ive been to a tool fair in harrogate and ive bought myself a. Found the disto transfer software, on leica s website. Site measurement with a disto can be transferred through bluetooth into the measuring software to create floor plans with room sizes.

Measure mobile requires that the device the disto will be paired with is bluetooth smart compatible. This way you can document all your measurement results and easily process them later in the of. How digital realities are transforming the way we interact with data and understand the world around us. Leica disto s910 firmware update ver 3557 gradd serving. After using a function all values in the display can now be selected and sent via bluetooth improves connectivity via bluetooth and wlan. What software works with the leica disto bluetooth lasers. Use the disto comparison menu below to see what model works with your mobile device operating system.

This way you can easily plan the next steps of your project. Free software the delivery package contains the transfer software leica disto transfer easy to install and with automatic updates. With bluetooth smart data is transferred directly to many different apps. The leica disto d810 touch features a touch screen user interface, integrated digital camera, a tilt sensor, and bluetooth smart. Leica disto plan app how to use sketch plan youtube. The program connects to leica disto devices using a bluetooth interface current models are leica disto d3abt, leica disto d330i and leica.

Leica disto d1 laser distance meter with bluetooth 4. With our new spin on a timeless classic, the leica disto d2 new with bluetooth offers improved functionality over its former glory. Fingers can be used to sketch a floorplan on a smartphone or tablet and corresponding. Fingers can be used to sketch a floorplan on a smartphone or tablet and corresponding measurements are easily assigned to each line of the plan. Leica disto d110 leica disto e7100i bluetooth smart the bluetooth can be switched off and on at the leica disto d110 the leica disto d110 supports the connection to windows, ios or android press for2 sec. Use it with the leica disto sketch app to easily create and send floor plans or images with measurements layered on top. We accept no liability whatsoever arising from the use of the free software and we are not obliged to provide corrections nor. Leica disto d330i bluetooth and sketch app how to video. The documents can then be sent by email or saved on the mobile device. The leica geosystems blog, in the wild, includes customer stories, case studies, howto videos, announcements and updates, and interactive content. Dec 02, 2019 the leica disto plan app assists you with the vital task of documenting and visualizing your measurements. Bluetooth disto and total for mobile bluetooth connects distos to total for mobile for seamless measurement integration in the field. This mode is only supported by the leica disto d810 touch please use the bluetooth manager to pair the devices. Leica disto d510 e7500i 650ft200m laser distance measurer w bluetooth and disto sketch app for iphoneipad redblack 5.

Or, click here to search for your disto s manual on leica s website. I work for leica geosystems, maker of the leica disto. How to use leica disto laser meters to measure rooms in floor plan creator. The leica disto plan app assists you with the vital task of documenting and visualizing your measurements. How to use the leica disto s910 with transfer and cad plugin. Once the ios device and the leica disto are paired they will immediatelly connect if both are switched on. It also creates a csv document listing the lines lengths and angles in degree.

Pair the supported disto measuring device to your computer via bluetooth. A certification of accuracy that is included with each disto. The free app leica disto sketch enables layouts, sketches and photos to be created and documented with the precise measurement results. This technology ensures that the dimensions you export into total desktop have the highest level of accuracy.

Leica disto sketch is a free software application from the pims. Floor measuring and estimating floor estimate pro 2011. With 200 range 60m and 116th accuracy 2mm, the e7100i can measure structures and spaces with speed and certified accuracy. Leica disto d1 laser distance meter with bluetooth. Leica d330i disto laser distance measurer with bluetooth 2. Manuals for most leica disto laser measuring devices can be found here, as well as the disto transfer software, that allows bluetooth data transfer between the disto plus and disto a6 models and bluetooth campatible pcs and pdas. Floor covering soft has a developed a suite of flooring measure and estimating software products that are integrated with disto laser meters with bluetooth. Details including which professions the software was designed for and which languages are available are in the table above. Working with bluetooth the info code 240 appears query for the pincode of the disto may be in the display if no data transmission has taken place after 2 seconds. Leica disto e7100i 200ft laser distance measure with bluetooth, blackred by leica geosystems.

Currently, both the leica disto x3 and the leica disto x4 can be used with chief architect software seamlessly on both the windows and macos platforms. Her is a quick summary of our favourite disto software solutions to date. Our wide variety of trusted instruments and engaging software is used in a diverse mix of applications benefitting professionals worldwide. Whenever you need a reliable partner to geoenable your mobile workforces with high accuracy and easytouse products, the leica zeno gis series are the right choice. Leica disto 3d software for windows the highprecision leica 3d disto is used whenever the use of conventional measuring tools is only possible with a great deal of time and effort. Digital pointfinder the digital pointfinder on the new disto d8, with 4x zoom allows you to point quickly and easily at faroff objects, even in bright sunlight. First of all this new model is called the same globally, for sometime us models have had a different numbering scheme to the rest of the world. Plazagps mall wtc serpong lt2 blok s20, serpong, tangerang, indonesia 02153153871. Switch on your leica disto and press the bluetooth button to activate the bluetooth. Etemplate measure manager is a comprehensive 2d and 3d software system for the x4, s910, and 3d disto. It is simple and gives you a photograph with lines, notes and dimensions on it in a pdf format.

The e7100i can connect to a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth smart 4. Im going out on a measuring project tomorrow, and its got me looking into whether there is an easier way to make drawings. Support for all leica disto models with bluetooth smart d1, d110, d2, x3, x4, d510, d810 touch, s910 and wifi s910. Press the clear key a, 9 and working with bluetooth leica disto a6 1. Leica distotm x3rugged design for tough conditions the leica distotm xseries successfully combines innovative measurement technologies with a siteproof design and a simple user interface. After verifying all of the settings above, simply power on your disto, open a file in total for mobile, and go to the sketch powerview.

To use a supported disto device with chief architect software. The leica disto d8 is even capable of simple leveling tasks, digitally and without the support of a second person. Leica geosystems offers a broad range of software that seamlessly connects measurement sensors to provide maximum productivity from field data collection to final data presentation. Leica disto transfer is an exciting software that allows your measurement values to be transferred into cad programs or excel. The disto plus is discontinued and being replaced by the new disto bluetooth laser meter the disto a6. Leica disto the ultimate laser measuring tools for the modern appraiser the honest and simple truth is that the disto is a product i am familiar with, it is a product i trust and its made by a company that is known for its high quality optics. Leica disto s910 laser measure with bluetooth smart connectivity by leica. Remember to register your disto to claim your free 3 year extended warranty certified for accuracy every leica disto module is tested and matched to a serial number. Leica disto transfer software for pc leica geosystems. Also looking at the sketch app and how to connect via bluetooth.

For example the d110 is known as the e7100i, hopefully leica will. Disto sketch cnet download free software, apps, downloads. He runs through all the features, the upgrades made. Once the windows 8 device and the leica disto are paired they will immediatelly connect if both are switched on. The autocad plugin additionally allows convenient planning and drawing with your autocad software. The apps autoscale function adjusts the lines length and the. Jun 26, 2018 create a sketch on your smartphone or tablet and then assign distance measurements taken with your disto to each line.

The good news is that leica geosystems are actively supporting software developers to incorporate links to the new range of leica disto lasers measures for direct data transfer in the cad or drawing applications hosted on with android, apple ios or windows tablets and pcs. The d2 measures from its base by default and can be configured to measure from the front. Connect your bluetooth leica laser measuring tools like disto d2 with revit and use it to interactively model by picking up the measures on site. This mode is only supported by the leica disto d810 touch you can use either the ios bluetooth manager to pair the devices or the leica disto sketch app. After verifying all of the settings above, simply power on your disto, open a file in total for mobile, and go to the sketch tab. Leica disto d810 touchscreen laser distance meter with 4. Sign up with the geosystems developer network to access the disto api and support forum. Create a sketch on your smartphone or tablet and then assign distance measurements taken with your disto to each line. Hands on new leica disto d2 with bluetooth laser level.

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